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MicroGlobals is a movement of abundance mindset offering pioneering methodologies for companies and organizations with purpose to expand and position themselves meaningfully in the global arena. Be part of our journey – transform the world for a better future.


Who we are

Our partners and affiliates have more than 30 years of experience in Scaling Up businesses all over the world. We have worked on deals, partnerships, business relationships and acquisitions in more than 100 countries.

Since 2009, our team has been powerfully engaged in evolving European Entrepreneurship and SMEs – being also involved in the Venture Capital ecosystem empowering Start Ups – while mainly focusing on educating and building the right structures for product fit and scaling up.



Each stage that a company and organization goes through has different requirements and challenges regarding the management of its resources and its dominance in the market. With our many years of relevant experience and continuous up-to-date training, we can facilitate the dynamic scaleup of any company or organization, regardless of the stage it is at. The methodologies we apply are globally recognized for their effectiveness and have been supported over time by both the academic and business worlds. Each of them offer business insight and a unique advantage to those who follow them, while at the same time answering the questions of entrepreneurs of all levels.

Scaling Up

By reaching the stage of Dynamic Development you are faced with new challenges. It is no coincidence that of the countless businesses that are created each year, only a very small percentage manage to Grow Dynamically.

ΕxΟ’s Exponential Organizations

The ExO model is based on an exponential growth mindset that motivates people and organizations to transform the world, moving towards a better future.


A framework of approach and thinking developed through scientific research and used by experienced entrepreneurs to build successful businesses across industries, geographies and times. A quide on how to start your entrepreneurial journey.



Millions of people start new businesses and organizations every year. Of these, 96% remain stagnant, while only 4%, ScaleUps, are growing dynamically, surpassing 10 million in revenue.

Some, however, experience Exponential Development, exceeding 100 million in revenue. Verne Harnish and the Scaling Up team have been helping and supporting the Dynamic Growth of the businesses of more than 40,000 businesses and leaders for 30 years now. The essence of the tools and ideas of their Methodology is presented in his book, Scaling Up.


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