May 8, 2023

4 Secrets to Innovation

All businesses want to change for the better. Few succeed. In many cases, businesses will pay lip service and won’t really try to change – especially if the current way of operating works for them, any change seems dangerous and uncomfortable.

But without any innovative change, business growth is, at best, linear. With more effort it may be able to attract proportionally more customers, but it will never exceed a small growth rate.

For any change to come, it takes persistent and conscious effort. Experiment with new methods, prepare to make as many sacrifices as necessary, and sail into uncharted waters. Don’t wait for change to come. Bring it yourself!


Measure results, not experience.

Experience in carrying out the required procedures is definitely a prerequisite for running any business, but if you want something better, cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in your team.


Don’t ignore good ideas.

Often our first reaction to new ideas is to reject them. Among them, there may be a proposal that could radically change the future of your business. Encourage your team to put ideas on the table. Resist the natural urge to what your experience confirms and evaluate proposals without fear of the new. Try applying some of them!


Create the best team.

Reaching the top, you will need a top team. Choose people who have proven that they can deliver the results you want on a consistent basis. Organize the team emphasizing on the smooth and efficient cooperation of its members with each other.


Make plans and dare to abandon them if necessary!

Define your goal and plan to reach it. It is easy and convenient to ignore changes in the environment and continue with the same plan, but resist the temptation. Keep your eye on obstacles, risks, and opportunities that will appear unpredictably, and readjust your plan.


One thing is certain, change in every area is inevitable. Even if we ignore other factors, the evolution of technology alone does not allow stagnation. If you are not with those who bring change first, you risk being with those who are eventually forced to follow it!