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Learn about the Scaling Up and ExO frameworks and methodologies, and Challenge your Strategic Thinking! Understand how the Unicorns embrace Execution and Create Exponential Growth and Value, Start your journey before the competition starts attacking you!


Why choose a coaching approach?

Growing a business is hard. We make it much easier and take you and your business from what you have to what you want . We have many effective tools and processes to help you grow Dynamically, and help you increase your profits, realize the transformative power of your organization, and develop your team along the way. This way you will “light the fuse” of your Dynamic Growth, you will be sure that you are doing “things” right, and you will get faster results.


Cash Flow training

A deep dive into cash flow and business accounting. Become master of your numbers!

Understand key ratios critical to your business and growth. Determine the necessary level of liquidity for your growth plans and map out a path to achieving them. Even if you are in crisis, you can restructure your business model, and achieve higher cash flow through internal and organizational changes. We follow a real case study and use simple tools working with your business case and facts.

A Day with K / Awake Session

Explore a new growth mindset with full support from an experienced entrepreneur. Get exposed to Scaling Up’s most advanced methodology and tools. Full dive into the elements of Scaling Up and the 4 Decisions – People, Strategy, Execution and Fluidity. Work together with other leadership teams (up to 12 teams and up to 24 participants in total), share challenges and solutions


  • your income by 30%
  • your profits by 45%
  • your team morale by 50%
  • your Cash Flow by 60%


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