February 8, 2023

Dynamic Growth is always difficult and uncomfortable

Dynamic Growth is always difficult and uncomfortable. We are sure that we all understand the main reason! It can be summed up in one word: “New”

Dynamic Growth may require the adoption of a New Process. Even more, one or more New Hires. Definitely the preparation and presentation of a New Action Plan or a New Business Operating Model. A new approach to targeting sales and marketing departments. Or a New Technology that creates opportunities and New Prospects, but also risks, in relation to competition and its adoption in the market.


At the heart of the New Reality are all the situations you haven’t faced yet.

And this is exactly where the Dynamic Development of organizations is delineated! It makes no difference if you want to accelerate the engine of growth of your sales or your innovation or your production. You simply cannot produce top executives, attract the appropriate A-players and maintain consistently high results without opening yourself up to a completely New framework and methodology of thinking and acting.

You could continue to focus on new tactics or just practices, but without connection to an overall dynamic growth strategy. Actions we may be doing every day, without a system and conscious connection to our long-term goal (BHAG). For example, praising a top executive or partner or chasing trends you can’t control. This is essentially comfortable! It is within the sphere of comfortable management!

This is exactly the gap that the Scaling Up methodology comes to fill. That’s where the real work is!

And it’s exactly what many leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs were looking for when they started applying the methodology! These leaders were not aiming for marginal returns. And you can bet they were hesitant about whether “it would actually work for us.”

At the same time, there is another reason why they joined and continued. They thought of the alternative, a future where nothing really changes! A future where you constantly focus on activities that provide little value to yourself, your team, and ultimately your company as a whole. Where you essentially “burn” yourself at the end of the month to hit your numbers and mentally prepare to do it again for the next 30 days.