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Welcome to the EcoMetric: Unlocking the Power of Communication Optimization!

In today’s fast-paced world, aligning and optimizing communication is crucial for creating a thriving ecosystem. That’s why we go beyond surface-level assessments. Our scientifically validated online assessment delves deep into the core of your organization, measuring the very DNA of what drives people.

Organizations that have benefited from the EcoMetric

Transforming Organizations through Human Ecology

With over 35 years of dedicated research in human ecology, the study of how humans adapt to their environment, we proudly present the EcoMetric.

This powerful tool not only tracks and optimizes organizational health but also provides invaluable insights that can transform your business.

Our research uncovers a striking truth

Many people struggle to understand the driving forces behind those closest to them, leading to a significant deficit in effective communication. Imagine the impact this miscommunication has on daily decisions, relationships, and even boardroom dynamics. No wonder so many face obstacles, and a staggering 85% of employees feel disengaged.


Unveiling the Secrets of Your Driving Dynamics

We believe that understanding what drives each individual is the key to effective communication. That’s where our revolutionary assessment comes in. By scientifically analyzing personal driving dynamics, we unravel the intricacies of your wiring, revealing the impact of a lifetime of experiences. Our matrix introduces you to 22 constructs in your unique order of preference.


Measure and Manage

Armed with this newfound understanding, we help you create a roadmap that aligns your personal driving dynamics with the ecosystem of your working environment. By optimizing employee engagement, we ensure roles and responsibilities are correctly allocated, maximize effective communication, and foster harmony between individuals and groups.

Furthermore, the EcoMetric acts as your early warning system, detecting misalignment and potential burnout before they become detrimental. After all, as Peter Drucker wisely said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Our focus is providing you with the right organizational metrics, derived from an integrated roadmap of human ecology and business strategy.

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ADDED BONUS: Free 90min Coaching Session

EcoMetric Assessment

The Reality Check EcoMetri is supported with over 35 years of extensive research and development in the field of Human Ecology. A scientific discipline of the adaption between humans and their environment.

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