Scaling Up – Dynamic Growth, Now!

Scaling Up – Dynamic Growth, Now!

The ultimate guide to Dynamic Business Development, now in Greek!
Verne Harnish and the Scaling Up team have been helping and supporting the Dynamic Growth of the businesses of more than 40,000 businesses and leaders for 30 years now. The essence of the tools and ideas of their Methodology is presented in his book, Scaling Up.


The Dynamic Development of businesses and organizations is one of the most attractive, but also demanding journeys in the business world.

With tools, methodology, and practical examples from 50 different CEOs using the method, Scaling Up's book is the ultimate guide to your challenging journey.


  • Identify the right goals and develop a comprehensive strategy.
  • Create an environment of teamwork with your partners.
  • Drastically reduce the time you need to manage your business.
  • Get happy customers who "work" for you.
  • Lead your business to stand out in its industry.