Scaling Up to Exit

Entrepreneurs and family business owners at some point face the critical decision of whether, whenand how to exit their business. A strategic approach is needed to ensure that the process runs smoothly and brings the maximum return on investment.

This means carefully preparing to sell, understanding your key business drivers, and properly marketing your company to strategic buyers.

For more than 30 years, we have been helping companies scale up, and in that process, we have seen so many entrepreneurs blow it at the very end when it comes to selling their company.

These business owners have made plenty of great decisions, even gut-wrenching decisions, in the years of running the company, but fall short when it’s time to exit.

The fact is, success is the sum total of all the decisions that you make – including those all-important decisions made while exiting

There are Four Areas of Decision Making in Scaling Up to Exit!

We already know from Scaling Up that when making decisions, you have to consider four key areas: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash. Every single decision you make must pass through all four filters. In an exit, this means you must ask:


Do you have absolutely the right people on the team in order to take the company to its best valuation?


Do you have the right strategy in terms of what you’re going to do to exit the company?


What’s your execution process for making sure that you follow through with your strategy?


How can you get as much cash out of the deal as you possibly can, and do you have enough cash to hold on through the exiting process?


Becoming Part of the Elite 7%

We know that CEO/Owners are wired to build, not exit. The very strengths that make them successful are the characteristics that hinder their ability to exit successfully.

At the same time Finishing Big and becoming part of the Elite 7% means achieving the exit you want, with the terms and timing you want, and transitioning to a life of satisfaction and significance.

The reality is that most owners fall victim to the paradox of success and fail to maximize their most significant resource for achieving a competitive advantage for exit – time. Exiting is a journey that is measured in years not months. Owners that do invest the time and effort in the exploratory process not only realize significant gains in the strategic and execution phases but, they are more likely to be found among the Elite 7% in the transition phase.


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