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Millions of people start new businesses and organizations every year. Of these, 96% remain stagnant, while only 4%, ScaleUps, are growing dynamically, surpassing 10 million in revenue.

Some, however, experience Exponential Development, exceeding 100 million in revenue. Verne Harnish and the Scaling Up team have been helping and supporting the Dynamic Growth of the businesses of more than 40,000 businesses and leaders for 30 years now. The essence of the tools and ideas of their Methodology is presented in his book, Scaling Up.


About the Book

MicroGlobals offers, in collaboration with Verne and the Scaling Up team, the Greek version of Scaling Up – Dynamic Development, Now! A defining project for the development of Greek businesses and Greek entrepreneurship. The Scaling Up of businesses and organizations is one of the most attractive, but also demanding journeys in the business world.

With tools, methodology, and practical examples from 50 different CEOs using the method, the book of Scaling Up is the ultimate guide for your challenging journey.


Your Contribution

For every book you buy, 10% will be offered to the street magazine Schedia, to support our homeless and socially excluded fellow citizens, and 10% to the Ark of the World, in favor of the care and protection of mother and child.


Growth Tools


  • One-Page Personal Plan (OPPP)
  • Function Accountability Table (FACe)
  • Process Responsibility Panel (PACe)


  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Trends (SWT)
  • 7 Strata
  • One-Page Strategic Plan (OPSP)
  • Vision Summary


  • Who, What, When (WWW)
  • Rockefeller™ Habits Checklist


  • Cash Acceleration Strategies (CASh)
  • The Power of One


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