March 8, 2023

The 10 Rockefeller Practices

When we refer, at MicroGlobals, to the best organizational framework to implement your business strategy consciously, we limit ourselves to the list of actions of Rockefeller practices. This simple set of practices has helped grow more than 40,000 businesses while significantly reducing the administrative time required! Many of these businesses grew by 10 million, 100 million. and some of them by 1 billion and more.

The 10 practices that make up this list of actions haven’t changed in more than 100 years since John D. Rockefeller implemented them into his business — whose results helped make him the world’s richest man even by today’s standards.

The disciplined implementation of even two or three practices directly related to your priorities has decisive results in accelerating Dynamic Growth in a “smart” and healthy way.


An example of the success of the Rockefeller Practices’s founder and CEO, Roger Hardy, attributes their company’s amazing results to the disciplined execution of three Rockefeller Practices.


Listen to customers and employees
Ongoing meetings to discuss and implement what is learned
Set priorities based on this information

In 2014,, a Canadian optical company, was acquired by Essilor International for C$430 million, which was the largest investment ever made in Canada in an e-commerce company. The continues to pleasantly surprise its customers, hire employees and deliver profits to shareholders thanks to the processes put in place to operate flawlessly.


Why is discipline important?

“Goals without planning are just desires, planning without goals is just pointless.” Theoretically we know it, at the same time we want to emphasize how important it is to have planning to achieve your goals. Our mantra at Scaling Up and Microglobals is clear, “programming sets you free”, and is the key factor in our methodology and applications.


Clear vision (goals) + Discipline (planning) = Success

You may want to play guitar, but if you don’t take lessons and discipline practice, you won’t be able to do anything. Similarly, entrepreneurs who constantly realize their vision are those with clear goals and planning.

It goes without saying that these practices are not the only way to build a long-lasting company. Still, if your business has a perfect strategy but your team needs to work 18 hours a day to deliver incomplete results and isn’t disciplined, then Rockefeller Practices is for you.


How to implement the Rockefeller Practices?

While practices are not listed in a specific order and you can start from any you want, we give our partners an important rule. They need to start with Rockefeller Practice #1: The Leadership Team is healthy and coordinated. It is almost impossible to implement any of the other practices without checking practice #1. When this is understood and your team is ready to go, choose one or two more internships for each semester and work on them.

Start with practices that will have immediate benefits! Apart from practice #1, the order you take for the rest is up to you and your priorities. This is a process that will make your journey easier. As the business grows, you can renew practices.

Make sure everyone feels safe and free to participate, clarify your priorities, gather information, and finally, enjoy the process!