Leading Tools

The efficient management of a company requires awareness of elements that are not always obvious, or easily measurable. This doesn’t mean you need to guess or go in blind. We’ve collected tools to help you learn what you need on a corporate and individual level, for you and your team.

Scaling Up - Assessment

The Scaling Up Assessment is based on the methodology of Scaling Up and the 4 Decisions.


Your Cash Flow Power

Cash Flow Power is the ideal tool for identifying risks and opportunities in your company’s Cash. Free 90min Coaching Session Included.



Our scientifically validated online assessment delves deep into the core of your organization, measuring the very DNA of what drives people. Free 90min Coaching Session Included.


Unlock growth by understanding key ratios. Determine vital liquidity levels, even in crises. Revamp your model for higher cash flow. Real case studies and practical tools drive our tailored approach.


The ExO model is based on an exponential growth mindset that motivates people and organizations to transform the world, moving towards a better future.

Strategy in a Digital World

Assess the performance of your digital marketing efforts, identify areas for improvement, and develop a data-driven strategy to boost your online presence.

Scaling Up - Book

MicroGlobals offers, in collaboration with Verne and the Scaling Up team, the Greek version of the book Scaling Up – Dynamic Development, Now!

Kolbe Index A

Kolbe System ™ is a program for evaluating the way someone makes decisions, their strengths and many other elements.


Leadership Vision Alignment Assessment

Map and align your leadership’s views on the organization, its current situation, the future, the main priorities and the obstacles. Free 90min Coaching Session Included.


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