January 8, 2023

What sets good leaders apart from great leaders

The scientific literature is full of the qualities that managers and leaders need to possess in order to stand out, while, at the same time, it seems that key characteristics related to everyday decisions and interactions lead managers to inspire their employees and earn their respect. So what do great leaders do?

We need to emphasize that there are many different styles of excellent managers, and they depend on their personality, the industry, the mentality of the company, but also the “context” and the era – Situational Leadership! One element, however, is common to all exceptional Leaders: They have the ability to discover what makes each person special, and capitalize on it!

Great leaders know and leverage the unique abilities, even eccentric elements, of their partners, and learn how to leverage them as part of a coordinated action plan. Their purpose is to lead the team to success and therefore turn everyone’s unique talent into an element of excellence for the company. The success of each Leader depends on whether he manages to identify and utilize the diversity of his team members, challenging them to evolve and distinguish themselves in their own way.


How does leveraging partners to their potential help?

The process of finding the strengths of their partners and learning to make the most of them may seem like a long process, but in reality this saves the entire organization valuable time.

In particular, no partner is perfect. And rather than investing endless hours of training and adaptation into a role that might not suit them, it’s smarter and better to invest that time in creating a role that suits their natural abilities.

Also, leveraging your partners’ unique assets makes them more responsible in their day-to-day tasks, taking responsibility for completing their responsibilities and achieving specific goals.

Finally, utilizing the unique characteristics of each partner empowers the team, as it creates a sense of interdependence. It helps people appreciate everyone’s special talents and learn how they can lead the company to a better tomorrow with the help and contribution of their colleagues.

In general, the reason great leaders focus on the uniqueness of each employee is not only because they are good for the business, but also because they want their employees happy and motivated to create. And this is something that will make the company evolve and grow, beyond all expectations.